Sunday, June 30, 2013


I know it's an oil, but I have suffered from acne and the acne scars for over 11 years, and it's the only thing that has worked, along with evening out my skin tone, and it's not just because it's my skin and everyone is different Trust me.

Jojoba oil, unless you are allergic to it, which is VERY RARE by the way, is wonderful! It literally fools your skin into thinking it is producing sebum, so your skin will slow down the natural production of it.

Sebum is the oil that clogs your pores. Sebum is the oil that goes crazy and into overdrive when you wash your face with harsh chemicals or scrub too much. Sebum is what keeps your skin hydrated, but it can be a pain if it's constantly being stripped away by this and that chemical. (read your labels - does any of it grow out of the earth?!)

I use jojoba oil along with some tea tree oil, and sometimes some lavender for its relaxing aromatherapy properties. I just mix it together in a seperate container, or you can just add the drops of the tea tree and/or lavender to the entire jojoba oil bottle.

And, in all honesty, I have never really measured it out, I just add enough drops to where it smells good - maybe 20 drops per ounce of jojoba, I honestly have no idea, but you can always look it up.

You will break out for about a week, but it's not really breaking out. The jojoba oil 'draws out' what is clogging your pores, and it's really nothing more than little white heads that you can literally wipe away with a facecloth, as they are very soft from being so hydrated, and the antiseptic of the tea tree keeps it from becoming infected.

This will also work on easing the pain and discomfort of cystic acne, too. Not to mention, it works wonders on your acne scars! I can go without foundation! Something I have literally not been able to do for some yrs. I even get compliments on my skin!

Please, please, please try it! Olive oil and grapeseed oil are good, too, but those are better for body and hair, as they do not match the skin's natural ph balance as well. Jojoba does! yay!

You can even make it do double duty by running your fingers through the dry parts of your hair, or elbows, after you have just rubbed it all over your face.

Now, I'm not going to lie, some people do not like the smell of the oils, or the jojoba, but it's not like covergirl makeup, but so does the other stuff that's full of chemicals. And, if it smells good, then you are putting fragrance on your skin, which is even worse! Nature smells, baby, suck it up!

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